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I'm going to do something daring here and put actual links that I use rather than a whole bunch of banners from other people who link me back, we'll see how it goes

Traffic Out

The Traffic Out program is the only place that I've ever returned to buy traffic. I've bought from most of the sites out there and I have to say that unless you want to buy traffic for months on end, it really didn't do me any good. Traffic Out provides a quality over quantity type traffic that may actually end up sustaining itself even after you cancel. They are the only traffic program out there that I endorse.

Vanilla TGP

As the days of my old favorite MadTGP come to an end, I've chosen Vanilla TGP as its replacement. While the CMS took some time to learn and get used too, at the end of the day its one helluva setup. Sure there could be some improvements, but very few in my opinion. There is a free vesion that I use on all my budding TGP's and then a no skim paid version for those sites that already know how to swim.

Arrow Trader

I've tried them all, and after the dust settled there was only one script standing, ATX. I will say that trade expert was a close second but the sluggishness of the gui was what had ATX win out at the end of the day. They have top shelf support. ATX is quick, efficient, and effective. Not much more you can ask for.

Stats Remote

Thanks to Stats Remote's ability to curb the "checking my stats on 39 different programs" OCD, I now have an extra 3 hours a day to work. Any lull in my day and I'd venture off to check my stats on every program out there that I was pushing. Thankfully statsremote came along and saved my life. If you push more than 10 programs, buy it. Use it to keep yourself motivated and keep track of whats selling. I also use it to figure out who owes me money *cough*Teen Dolls*cough*
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